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First Majestic ($AG) Innovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO) Alexco Resources ($AXU) Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Cameco ($CCJ)

Today I bought back Cameco ($CCJ) at a slight discount which was called away last week. I sold some First Majestic Silver Feb 28 Out of the Money $10.50 Calls and some Innovio Pharmaceuticals Mar 20 Out of the Money $10 Calls. I used the proceeds to buy more First Majestic Silver, Alexco Resources and Energy Fuels. Have a Great Night.

Covered Calls Shipping Silver Uranium

Silver, Uranium, Shipping and the Nuclear Fuel Working Group

Today I bought some more First Majestic Silver ($AG), Alexco Resource Corp ($AXU) and Denison Mines ($DNN) with the proceeds I received from selling out of the money weekly covered calls of First Majestic Silver ($AG) yesterday. They were all in the red and on sale.

Cameco ($CCJ), Energy Fuels ($UUUU) and other Uranium names had a big green day today, perhaps on the back of some new news out of the White House that the Nuclear Fuel Working Group has proposed a 10 year plan to purchase 150M pounds of uranium per year for the next 10 years. I tried fishing with some out of the money covered calls on the Cameco ($CCJ) weekly, but no one bid my ask… such is life.

Shipping also had a good day today and most issues were solidly in the green including Nordic American Tankers ($NAT).

As always, buy the fear, sell the greed… buy the red, sell the green. Have a great night.

Covered Calls Silver Uranium

First Majestic ($AG) Alexco Resources ($AXU) Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Denison Mines ($DNN)

First Majestic ($AG) was green today so I wrote some out of the money covered calls (sell into greed). I used the proceeds to buy more Alexco Resources ($AXU), Energy Fuels ($UUUU) and Denison Mines ($DNN) which were all having red days (buy into fear). Have a great night.


First Majestic $AG Alexco Resource Corp $AXU

My First Majestic $AG Jan 31 $11 covered calls expired out of the money today. I also bought more shares of First Majestic $AG and Alexco Resource Corp $AXU. Hi Ho Silver. Have a great night.