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First Majestic ($AG) Innovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO) Alexco Resources ($AXU) Energy Fuels ($UUUU) Cameco ($CCJ)

Today I bought back Cameco ($CCJ) at a slight discount which was called away last week. I sold some First Majestic Silver Feb 28 Out of the Money $10.50 Calls and some Innovio Pharmaceuticals Mar 20 Out of the Money $10 Calls. I used the proceeds to buy more First Majestic Silver, Alexco Resources and Energy Fuels. Have a Great Night.

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Cameco ($CCJ), Denison Mines ($DNN), Innovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO)

Today I bought some Cameco ($CCJ) and some Denison Mines ($DNN).

My biotech play Innovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO) was up about 22% today on news that it has discovered a coronavirus vaccine. It will take some time to prove out, but this is certainly great news for the company and I think its gonna bust my covered call this month.

In other news, Energy Fuels ($UUUU) announced today a bought deal for ~$16M at $1.47 / share to finance the ramping up of production at their mines. It will have a red day tomorrow, so maybe its time to buy more.

Buy the red, sell the green… Buy the Fear, Sell the Greed. Have a great night.

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#Silver was in beast mode today – maybe it was #coronavirus, maybe it was the FOMC meeting yesterday, maybe it was just oversold?

#Shipping continues to get pommelled like a boxer in the ring with Mike Tyson – mostly due to #China and #coronavirus… however rates are still above average and companies should report good earnings here shortly

#Copper: pommelled too. #China #coronavirus

#Biotech is rocking for the same reasons above: #China #coronavirus

#Uranium: Nuclear winter.

No buys or sells today. Sat on my hands. Have a great evening.

BioTech Covered Calls Shipping Uranium

Inovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO) Cameco ($CCJ) Nordic American Tankers ($NAT) and Energy Fuels ($UUUU)

Today I sold some Inovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO) with the stock being temporarily overbought because of the coronavirus scare. Its had an insane run! I still have some Feb 21 covered calls that are now in the money because of the recent run up – we’ll see how those play out as they near expiration on February 21st. I used the proceeds to purchase more Energy Fuels ($UUUU) – a smaller US-based uranium company. I also wrote some out of the money covered calls on Cameco ($CCJ) with a Feb 7th expiration and a $9 strike price. I used the proceeds to purchase more Energy Fuels ($UUUU). Energy Fuels has been absolutely hammered here, and while it may go lower, it feels like capitulation. I sold some out of the money Feb 21 $5 covered calls on Nordic American Tankers ($NAT) and used the proceeds to buy additional shares of Nordic American Tankers ($NAT) to increase my position there. I don’t believe the tanker bull market is finished and tankers seem to be oversold here with the recent coronavirus news and its impact on China. We’ll see what happens there. All eyes will be on the FED tomorrow as they give their statement to the market.

Write/Sell the Green. Buy the Red.

Have a great night.

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Today I wrote some First Majestic $AG Jan 31 $11.00 Calls, bought some Alexco $AXU with the proceeds and tried to write some Cameco $CCJ Jan 31 $8.50 Calls but my bid expired. I will try the $CCJ again tomorrow if its a green day. $INO continues to moon shot from #coronavirus – calls busted through and then some.